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We're writing our stories in the books of our lives,
Turn, turn the page.
Stories of love, of loss, and of strife,
Turn, turn the page.
Determine to reach out as long as you live,
Cherish each moment you find.
Search for the strength and the wisdom you need,
And we turn, turn, the Pages of Time.

We sit in our ruts as the world passes by,
Turn, turn the page.
Sofas, and soap operas wasting our time,
Turn, turn the page.
We could be free, but we're slaves to TV,
Like puppets, all hung up with twine.
Take charge of your life, as the world passes by,
And we turn, turn, the Pages of Time.

The pages we've turned are now written in stone,
The words are indelibly scribed.
There is no erasing the things we've done wrong,
So look to the next page you write.
Don't dwell in the past, it's already done,
Another page starts right away.
With wisdom in hand, and courage in heart,
Write your life well today.
Jory Meisterheim


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